1. Is this book simply an update of the values in your last Elvis memorabilia book?[+]
    This book is not an update of the book that we did twelve years ago. This is a completely different book. While naturally some of the items that appeared in the previous book appear in this one, the vast majority of the items, and photographs in the last book have been replaced in this book.
  2. Why did you decide to limit the book to the 1950-59 time period?[+]
    Collecting Elvis Presley, The 1950s, is actually the first in a two volume series of books. The second volume will cover the 1960s and the 1970s. The two book decision in part is a recognition that there are in many cases two distinct types of Elvis collectors. There are those who collect the 50s and there are those who collect the Movie, Vegas, and Concert years. Two volumes will allow each of these eras to be more comprehensively covered. An example of this is the ability to include records, along with the memorabilia. Some collectors may want both books and others may chose only the one that focuses on their area of interest. Page count and weight constraints were also a factor. Elvis enjoys a world-wide following. Demand for speciality Elvis books by fans outside of the U.S. accounts for at least 70% of the total. The elimination of "media mail" service by the United States Post Office for shipments outside the U.S., greatly increased the shipping costs for books. A two volume approach keeps the shipping cost of any one purchase of the book from being tough to handle.
  3. When will the book be available?[+]
    The book should be ready by August 1. Pre-orders will start a couple of months before that. if you are interested in being notified when we start taking orders, please click here.
  4. Will the book be available on Kindle or IPad?[+]
    The book will not initially be available in electronic format. The Kindle format at this time is not really suited to a book that is primarily devoted to pictures. The ibooks format for the iPad does have promise. If enough demand develops for an electronic version of the book, the feasibility will be studied closer.
  5. Do you buy and sell Elvis Presley Memorabilia and Collectibles?[+]
    Not through this web site. If you are interested in buying and selling, please vista our other site www.elvispresleyblvd.com
  6. How do I contribute pictures of items from my collection to the book?[+]
    if you are interested in contributing photographs or scans of items from your collection please contact me by clicking here and I will send you the details.